Thursday, March 12, 2009

My CoffeeTable/catch-all??

I have this coffee table in the front room, it's a little worn but it does the job. But what is the job of a coffee table? I do drink coffee and occasionally set my coffee there. I think in reality that its kinda like a public junk drawer. What ever I'm doing at the moment seems to end up there. This week it's some of my card making junk. Newspapers and Ad's, my make-up and lotion (cuz it's so far to take it to the bathroom where it belongs) phones, brushes and an assortment of channel changers for various electronics.
I know that my front room does look cleaner if I put thing's away, but as this only happens when "company" comes over, ya not very often. So if you come to my house and the coffee table looks a little cluttered, guess what your not "company" your someone I feel comfortable enough with that I'm not cleaning for you. So does anyone else have a coffee-table like mine or am I alone in the universe?