Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

Disco Stu & Disco Sally

This is a Unicorn with wings straight from E-bay, she has a sparkly tail and shiney wings. She also has a horn.

Is'nt this the cutest little bat you have ever seen? Harley loved being a bat and LaNell made the costume. Notice the fist full of candy.

How cute are they?? Moore family Halloween 2009.

Gary was hooked on Halloween decorations this year. This was a skelaton that moved along the string playing scary music when a loud noise set it off. Creepy, but the kids loved it, we had the usual spooky tree out front waving its arms. Happy Halloween

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tyler's final hurdle on his quest to become a lawyer. Let's go see how many he's up against to find a job.

You can only see the back of his head as they raise there right arm to get sworn in, there were alot I can tell you, a couple of hundred.

The happy family eating the 500 $ cookies and punch, it was good. You can't even tell how rotten I felt, I was smiling!

I just thought this pic was cute because of Harly. The other lawyer is one of Tylers friends. He's offical now!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Have you all heard of the intermitten spring in Wyoming? Well we went to see it last weekend. The water year has been so good that it's not turning off just yet. It just outside of Afton up a little canyon, with a little 1 mile walk not to bad.

I forget how beautiful it is.

This was a little waterfall called Shoshone falls, I think. Everything is so green!

While we were in Jackson, we had some weather, it was awesome it rained and hailed and was just wonderful.

You can tell your near a National Park, this was just outside of Jackson, the buffalo were not moving. It was kinda fun. Anyway that was our weekend driving, fishing, sleeping in and eating good food. It was a fun getaway.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cammy and Dan

I just wanted everyone to see how beautiful my niece Cammy is. Her wedding up in the mountains was really very picturesque, and look at these two ... pretty!


Gary is now 15 years sober and clean! Quite a feat. Bekky sent him a birthday pizza with 15 made in pepperoni, the pizza man came to the door and Gary was ready to tell him that we did'nt order any pizza, Bekky had sent it to him as a suprise. It did just that! Thanks for putting your sobriety 1st in your life Gary. We love you and the effort that you put out in staying sober. Good Job!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do you ever get a song in your head?

So when Bekky and her family moved out to San Jose a couple of years ago, I went along to help her move. While we were driving across the big barren Nevada desert, the song "Big log" by Robert Plant came on and ever since it has reminded me of that nite and how sad I was. It always gives me a feeling of loss, sadness and nostagia.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The New Playset

We wanted to get a fun nice playset for the grandkids to play on when they come to visit....
The package said we should be able to complete it in 6 to 12 hours depending on skill level...

Well it took Gary and I and Tyler 3 weekends to put it all together. A special thanks to Jay and Ryan and Wendy for helping me get it and unload it in the back yard. ;)
Our skill level must not be too good we thought that maybe the guys from Hidden Hollow might be able to help us next time. We love our new playset and I think it was well worth the time and money!

Tyler and LaNells BBQ/Graduation party!

Here's Tyler kicking his sisters butt in leg wrestling, I guess Tyler has been working out.
Harley loves to hang, it just makes him happy!
Amy brought her big dog Hank, he's a real sweetheart.

Cousins hanging out.

Cute cake, thanks LaNell, Bekky made some wondeful cupcakes raspberry with lemon frosting.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Now Graduation

Tyler graduate's from University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law. Yeah for Tyler and his family.

Here's a cheesy shot I think someone is happy he's graduating!

The kids got to walk(or be carried) across the stage!
Standing in the 103 degree heat getting pictures taken. We were happy. There were some interesting people there as well, I saw mini skirts and tube tops on one of the moms. She kinda pulled it off, but not really appropriate.

Dinner afterwards by the Sacramento river, the little girs played with the empty clams shells. (Of course)


Our quick trip to California

This was a wonderful place to get our family pictures done. We were in Sacramento (old town). The kids had fun running around and playing with each other. Except for the fact that it was about 103, it was an awesome day and the pictures turned out so great. Good day!
Here's Payton smiling for the camera, she loves bampa taking her picture.

Heres Bekky eating some pizza, need I say more?

Oh and it was Wade's 32 nd birthday too so we ordered some pizza's for everyone and a yummy old man birthday cake for the occasion. This pic is one of our favorites. Wade is such a goofy guy.

Here are the four grand kids enjoying there pizza, they are all cheezer's, but oh so cute. I love them all!
to be continued...

Friday, April 17, 2009

There was alot of snow last nite.

These pictures are of my sad tree, it gave really good shade in the summer and now it's mainly on the ground destination green waste. There is still two large branches that did'nt crack and we think they'll grow and fill in this summer.

I don't know if you can see it very well, but there is a wind sculpture in this shot. We bought it in Moab and it is one of my favorite things. It was all totally bend down and I was afraid it was ruined. Last nite Gary tried to bend it back into the correct position and I think it's going to work. We'll see. About a third of the tree is in the trailer in the front yard so what your seeing is only two third's of what was there.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Remember last nite?

I have the greatest idea's at nite. Last nite I had an idea for my blog that was sooo good, and now this morning I can't remember it at all. Which leads me to my blog for today...I have the best ideas (I Think) at nite but by the next morning I cant remember them at all. It's really frustrating because they are really good ideas, probably brillant but now I cant remember. I could solve world hunger if only I could remember. Do you think I'm getting Alzheimer's???? I'm going to have to put out a pen and paper in every room and when brilliance strikes me I'm going to start writing it down. So I guess I'll bore you with whats going on this last week. Let's see trying to stay warm with all the fun summer weather we are having. (Sarcasm ). I think I'm trying to finish 3 quilts. Finish my cards for the card party next week, and trying to cover Viking Blue in Tylers room with now 2 coats of primer. The blue is just holding on not wanting to give way for a pink princess room for the granddaughters. Anyway if I have any bright idea's this week I'm going to write them down for sure so next week be prep aired for something good.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My CoffeeTable/catch-all??

I have this coffee table in the front room, it's a little worn but it does the job. But what is the job of a coffee table? I do drink coffee and occasionally set my coffee there. I think in reality that its kinda like a public junk drawer. What ever I'm doing at the moment seems to end up there. This week it's some of my card making junk. Newspapers and Ad's, my make-up and lotion (cuz it's so far to take it to the bathroom where it belongs) phones, brushes and an assortment of channel changers for various electronics.
I know that my front room does look cleaner if I put thing's away, but as this only happens when "company" comes over, ya not very often. So if you come to my house and the coffee table looks a little cluttered, guess what your not "company" your someone I feel comfortable enough with that I'm not cleaning for you. So does anyone else have a coffee-table like mine or am I alone in the universe?

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Sleeping Situation...

OK so I'm not one of those people that get a good 8 hours a nite. I would like to but it just doesn't seem like it's in the cards for me.
Last nite I could'nt fall asleep until after midnite, then I was woken up at alittle after 5 with a bad dream and couldn't go back to sleep. I didn't have to be to work till 8 so I got up, got ready for work and then started to sew and watch TV (there is nothing on that early but news really so it was Tivo for me).
Anyway I know that people from time to time will tell me that they are having problems sleeping, so I know that others suffer with this too. My question is... what do others do when sleep eludes them. Sew, read, clean... what do you do in the wee hours of the nite? I think that the barenaked ladies sang a song about no sleep. Who needs sleep no your never gona get it, something like that. So lets hear your stories.

My eyes are so tired!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A friend looks at fifty

Ok now I have a friend that is turning 50 today, since I'm right behind her I have to take a look at my self and see if I'm where I thought I would be. On valentines day I took some treats to another friend who was turning 55 and she said "Deanna I'm not where I thought I'd be at 55" so here we are looking down the road and wondering what am I doing to make sure that I'm OK with 50 and 55.
I think that the way you treat people is key, my 55 friend is THE sweetest lady I know, I just love her and she buoy's me up with positiveness, she is so warm and loving, yes I do love her. Even though she's not where she wants to be I look up to her allot.
My friend that's 50 is so smart, its been said that she's too scary because she's so smart, people think she's bitchy, but... she gets the job done what every the situation. So is she bitchy or really good at getting things done right! I like to think that she has rubbed off on me and that I'm a little more assertive now.
I'm trying to take a more thoughtful look at my life and what is important to me. I hope that when 50 hits me sometime in the year 2010 that I'll be ready for the next half of my life and not too disappointed with the first half. It's like Gary says you cant change the past but you can do better with today. Oh and I cant forget Marty with "It is what it is" I love that. Cuz it's so true!
You know at 50 your likely to be more than half done with your life. Scary

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mid Winter Blues

Does anyone else get the mid-winter blues??
I'm trying to stay busy and lucky for me I have allot of people to help me do so. I'm really very blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. I've been to Cali to see the little ones a couple of times, been to southern Utah, I even have been able to convince Gary to take me to the show. (Taken with Liam Nieson) Wonderful. Go see it. I've got wonderful friends that do things with me, give me good ideas to try. Really fun sisters that keep me going in my quest to do better at being crafty. Not to mention my kids and grand kids that keep me up to date with their latest antics, big and small. They make me laugh allot.
OK so why the mid winter blues with all this good stuff going on??
(How bad would it be if not for all these things)
Thank you