Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The New Playset

We wanted to get a fun nice playset for the grandkids to play on when they come to visit....
The package said we should be able to complete it in 6 to 12 hours depending on skill level...

Well it took Gary and I and Tyler 3 weekends to put it all together. A special thanks to Jay and Ryan and Wendy for helping me get it and unload it in the back yard. ;)
Our skill level must not be too good we thought that maybe the guys from Hidden Hollow might be able to help us next time. We love our new playset and I think it was well worth the time and money!

Tyler and LaNells BBQ/Graduation party!

Here's Tyler kicking his sisters butt in leg wrestling, I guess Tyler has been working out.
Harley loves to hang, it just makes him happy!
Amy brought her big dog Hank, he's a real sweetheart.

Cousins hanging out.

Cute cake, thanks LaNell, Bekky made some wondeful cupcakes raspberry with lemon frosting.