Friday, February 27, 2009

My Sleeping Situation...

OK so I'm not one of those people that get a good 8 hours a nite. I would like to but it just doesn't seem like it's in the cards for me.
Last nite I could'nt fall asleep until after midnite, then I was woken up at alittle after 5 with a bad dream and couldn't go back to sleep. I didn't have to be to work till 8 so I got up, got ready for work and then started to sew and watch TV (there is nothing on that early but news really so it was Tivo for me).
Anyway I know that people from time to time will tell me that they are having problems sleeping, so I know that others suffer with this too. My question is... what do others do when sleep eludes them. Sew, read, clean... what do you do in the wee hours of the nite? I think that the barenaked ladies sang a song about no sleep. Who needs sleep no your never gona get it, something like that. So lets hear your stories.

My eyes are so tired!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A friend looks at fifty

Ok now I have a friend that is turning 50 today, since I'm right behind her I have to take a look at my self and see if I'm where I thought I would be. On valentines day I took some treats to another friend who was turning 55 and she said "Deanna I'm not where I thought I'd be at 55" so here we are looking down the road and wondering what am I doing to make sure that I'm OK with 50 and 55.
I think that the way you treat people is key, my 55 friend is THE sweetest lady I know, I just love her and she buoy's me up with positiveness, she is so warm and loving, yes I do love her. Even though she's not where she wants to be I look up to her allot.
My friend that's 50 is so smart, its been said that she's too scary because she's so smart, people think she's bitchy, but... she gets the job done what every the situation. So is she bitchy or really good at getting things done right! I like to think that she has rubbed off on me and that I'm a little more assertive now.
I'm trying to take a more thoughtful look at my life and what is important to me. I hope that when 50 hits me sometime in the year 2010 that I'll be ready for the next half of my life and not too disappointed with the first half. It's like Gary says you cant change the past but you can do better with today. Oh and I cant forget Marty with "It is what it is" I love that. Cuz it's so true!
You know at 50 your likely to be more than half done with your life. Scary

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mid Winter Blues

Does anyone else get the mid-winter blues??
I'm trying to stay busy and lucky for me I have allot of people to help me do so. I'm really very blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. I've been to Cali to see the little ones a couple of times, been to southern Utah, I even have been able to convince Gary to take me to the show. (Taken with Liam Nieson) Wonderful. Go see it. I've got wonderful friends that do things with me, give me good ideas to try. Really fun sisters that keep me going in my quest to do better at being crafty. Not to mention my kids and grand kids that keep me up to date with their latest antics, big and small. They make me laugh allot.
OK so why the mid winter blues with all this good stuff going on??
(How bad would it be if not for all these things)
Thank you