Friday, April 17, 2009

There was alot of snow last nite.

These pictures are of my sad tree, it gave really good shade in the summer and now it's mainly on the ground destination green waste. There is still two large branches that did'nt crack and we think they'll grow and fill in this summer.

I don't know if you can see it very well, but there is a wind sculpture in this shot. We bought it in Moab and it is one of my favorite things. It was all totally bend down and I was afraid it was ruined. Last nite Gary tried to bend it back into the correct position and I think it's going to work. We'll see. About a third of the tree is in the trailer in the front yard so what your seeing is only two third's of what was there.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Remember last nite?

I have the greatest idea's at nite. Last nite I had an idea for my blog that was sooo good, and now this morning I can't remember it at all. Which leads me to my blog for today...I have the best ideas (I Think) at nite but by the next morning I cant remember them at all. It's really frustrating because they are really good ideas, probably brillant but now I cant remember. I could solve world hunger if only I could remember. Do you think I'm getting Alzheimer's???? I'm going to have to put out a pen and paper in every room and when brilliance strikes me I'm going to start writing it down. So I guess I'll bore you with whats going on this last week. Let's see trying to stay warm with all the fun summer weather we are having. (Sarcasm ). I think I'm trying to finish 3 quilts. Finish my cards for the card party next week, and trying to cover Viking Blue in Tylers room with now 2 coats of primer. The blue is just holding on not wanting to give way for a pink princess room for the granddaughters. Anyway if I have any bright idea's this week I'm going to write them down for sure so next week be prep aired for something good.