Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do you ever get a song in your head?

So when Bekky and her family moved out to San Jose a couple of years ago, I went along to help her move. While we were driving across the big barren Nevada desert, the song "Big log" by Robert Plant came on and ever since it has reminded me of that nite and how sad I was. It always gives me a feeling of loss, sadness and nostagia.


malleygirl said...

talk about a downer of a post!! I totally remember that song playing though! It seems like we were driving for forever!!! That song will be in my memory for eternity! But also with good notes because you were there to support and help me and that ment the world! love you

Wendy said...

that song is awesome- but it reminds me of highschool! Probably different reasons too! But it is a great one!